Floral Axolotl

Illustration "Floral Axolotl" by Akbaly Prints Postcards Ink Watercolor

The cutest, most interesting Mexican amphibious and magnolias, also known to be Mexican and one of the first flowers to ever exist on earth… .
As I was telling you before, I’m way behind my planning, this piece was supposed to be posted back in September, when we celebrate our National Independence Day in my country, but life happens. .
So here it is! And I wanted to tell you a little more about this lovely little aquatic monster: they are known to be very resilient and some of the few who can regenerate their extremities and intern organs, even their brain and heart!! They’re and endangered species, but we’re on it and won’t let them go… as my people won’t stop dreaming and fighting for a better future for us and our families.
We’re all here to stay!
Wishing you all a great week!!
Much love. ?

Illustration by @Akbaly



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